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The Analytical Commentary for Part 1 Prescribed Exam

GC1 Design


The project 9 Crescent Road (A) meets the required criteria by demonstrating how analysis, research, context, budget, preparation and development of a brief inform a design proposal.

1.1.1 Analysis of information is sourced throughout Work Stages A-C:

(Stages A-B) • Initial (A1) client brief • Site Survey (A6) • Design Brief (A2) analysing the client's spatial requirements • Fee Proposal (A4) embodies a documented analysis of the brief
(Stage C) • Researched information informs the design; with guidelines/constraints, such as Local Authority and Conservation Policy (A9), along with specialist consultant’s reports – including Day
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In addition to the above project, I refer to the following:

Duncombe Place (N)


My ability to work as part of a team is evidenced in my work reference (F); a supporting letter from Mr. John Dyer-Grimes. Working as an architectural assistant within a multi-disciplinary team, it is essential to work in communicate clearly and collaborate: Sharing information and insights liaising with clients, consultants, contractors and suppliers, and ensuring the effective delivery of works, and standards of operation.

--- End of Criteria Category: Design ---
GC2 Technology and Environment


I have met the criteria through Building Technology Year 1 and Year 2 modules: covering the principles involved in building technologies, environmental design and construction methods, with an emphasis on sustainable design.

Supporting material for this is an academic reference (K1) provided by Jill Eggleston, Teesside University, with module handbooks (M1 & M2), in conjunction with my Diploma Supplement (J2).

Further practical can be found in White Lodge Technical Study (C1), supported by a work reference from the Project Architect Michael Gwynn (G1):

Attendance on site with the Project Architect provided the opportunity to observe and discuss the process of assembly, which has developed

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