Aramex's Corporate Social Responsibility Case Study

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This case presents the Aramex's strategic approach of CSR and sustainability. Aramex is a logistics and transportation solutions provider offering customized services. CSR and sustainability principle and practices molded in the company's core corporate culture which lead to distinct and responsible business orientation. Aramex’s core values are customer centricity, people, creativity, empowerment, service excellence, passion and social responsibility.
In this report, I will evaluate Aramex to strategically approach CSR and sustainability and then I will reflect on the theoretical conceptualization of strategic CSR that can be applied to Aramex taking into consideration the current positioning. In , I will discuss the lessons
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18). Also, CSR is defined by The Prince of Wales International Business Leaders Forum as, ‘‘CSR means open and transparent business practices that are based on ethical values and respect for employees, communities, and the environment" (Sharma A & Kiran R 2014, p. 18). In my point of view, as you are moving to CSR as you are getting more profit. CSR became a major factor of organization success. Nowadays, research shows that most people reject jobs from the companies that have side effect on the society and the environment. Also, a recent study found that when traditional customer-buying criteria, such as price, quality, and convenience are equal, 81% of customers would switch brands if a company practiced CSR (Caribbean Business, May 2004). Therefore, in my opinion and as I feel it by myself that for the organization to be exist, it should has friendly relationship with the society and environment by implementing CSR …show more content…
Corporate culture is the personality of a company and it can’t be faked. If employees are happy and fit in the culture, then the company gets a strong reputation and more people want to work there. For example, I'm proudly said that the strong culture in my organization where I worked make me not only to work for it, but it make me won’t want to work for anyone else. Also, as DeWitt mentioned on its article that "Philosophy, values, and behavior describe an organization’s culture and culture is the glue that holds the organization together” (DeWitt, 2001). Therefore, the strong power of the organization can be gain from the healthy and strong corporate

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