Essay about Araby By James Joyce 's Araby

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(An analysis on the changes the boy goes through in Araby)

James Joyce 's Araby is a well known story about a boy who wants to impress the girl he has been obsessing over for a while now. Throughout this story the boy begins to change and have mixed emotions. The boy has mixed emotions within this story and begins to have feeling for this girl. The boy changes in Araby by not only gaining some maturity, but his emotions for his friends sister deepens as well, and he comes to a realization and faces reality at the end of this story. Araby is actually a short story from a collection of stories. “Joyce based his coming-of-age tale, which he wrote in 1905, on his own experiences while growing up in Dublin in the late nineteenth century.” (Cummings, 2010). The story begins in Dublin where we meet this little boy and go through different emotions and situations with him. The little boy starts his life out as a happy carefree little boy. At the beginning of the story he is described as a young boy. “He and his friends play in the streets until their “bodies glowed. He begins to notice his friend’s sister and starts to act silly, following her to school and thinking about her in unlikely places.”(Taylor, 2015) This is the first change we notice from the boy, he is starting to have feeling for this girl and the first thing he wants to do after she finally acknowledges him is impress her. While the girl and boy are talking about this Bazaar which is like a huge store. Well,…

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