Wedding Day: A Short Story Of Anwar

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The animosity in her distasteful scowl blackened the vibrant banquet hall, frightening the guests, children, and servers alike. Her body adorned in a lengthy, pure white, wedding gown, she sauntered to the mirror and stood, beginning to glare at her own reflection. Studying her picture, the resentful bride relived the event that had taken place just moments ago. Not even on the most remarkable day in her life, her wedding day, could she be at ease. The not very blushing bride managed to escape the majority of the infamous Arab wedding habits, but as much as she aspired not to encounter any of them, her aspiration was inevitable. Her story was unheard of where she came from, and with that is where we will begin her tragic tale. Anwar was a single, twenty-one year old college student. In the eyes of the old aunts, there were two unacceptable phrases in that sentence, she is single at age twenty-one, and she is in college. In the eyes of the more modernist aunts, the only phrase unacceptable phrase was that she was single at the old age of twenty-one. Where Anwar came from, she was expected to have been engaged by the age of eighteen; if not spoken for by the age of twenty then all hope was lost. Anwar was never …show more content…
After hours of laughter, joy, and tears, they arrived at Anwar’s home and each dressed in their wedding attire. The time for the groom to appear came, and it was a jubilant event. The groom’s family followed by the dabke group began their walk from the end of the street. The music and chants brought attention to the neighbors as the noise was heard around the block and they stepped out of their houses with curiosity, observing the extraordinary event. When the crowd reached their destination, they were embraced by chants and greetings by the bride’s party. Eventually, the pair entered the limo and rode to the banquet

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