Essay on Aqualisa: a Better Shower

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Aqualisa Quartz Group Case Presentation
The plumbing system in the United Kingdom is very inconsistent due to the varying age of the buildings making shower temperature and pressure challenging to control. Aqualisa designed the Quartz system to address these issues by integrating an electronic controller into the plumbing of the shower unit. After development and field testing, most believed this would take over the market and propel Aqualisa into a powerful position in the shower industry. Unfortunately, sales struggled and many believed the Quartz system would become a niche product selling only to the technological elite. The quick answer would be to more aggressively market the product with hopes that increased exposure
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DIY consumers would likely be willing to spend a little more on the Quartz shower and Aqualisa would need to do some market and consumer behavior research to see just how much more DIY consumers would be willing to spend. The minor investment in upfront research should be completed as a first step before deciding to market to DIY consumers. Aqualisa may reveal that the maximum price DIY consumers are willing to spend on the product doesn’t provide a sufficient return on investment to the company, reducing the chance for a successful marketing campaign.
One advantage to marketing to DIY consumers is that you already have a product nearly every DIY consumer wants. The product is efficient, reliable, innovative, easy to install and service, and the DIY consumer market makes up a significant portion of total shower sales each year (around 36%). Another advantage is feasibility to reach your DIY consumers, the end user of your product. By utilizing the sales force and retail space of DIY retailers a large audience may be reached. Furthermore, utilizing the DIY retailers’ infrastructure and sales force would allow Aqualisa to avoid vast spending on consumer advertising.
The most obvious disadvantage to marketing the Quartz shower system to DIY consumers is the likelihood Aqualisa would be required to lower the retail price substantially in an effort to bring the price point in

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