Apush Chapter 5 Guided Reading Essay

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Conquest by the Cradle
Know: Thirteen Original Colonies
1. What was the significance of the tremendous growth of population in Britain's North American colonies?
Britain had an advantage over America with their population in 1700. If Americans wanted to revolt, Britain would outnumber them 25 to 1. However, in 1775, with the population increase (and continuing to increase), Britain’s advantage was weakening. There were now only 3 Europeans for each American. This essentially meant that Britain was losing power over America. More Americans = more American power.

A Mingling of Races
Know: Pennsylvania Dutch, Scots-Irish, Paxton Boys, Regulator Movement
2. What was
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It wasn’t a true democracy just then, but it was steadily getting there. Ideals of freedom of speech, freedom of press, religious tolerance, real opportunity, etc. were gaining momentum. Every colony had a two-house legislative body, and voting, although limited to only land-holding white males, was relatively easy to get a hold of (because land was fairly easy to obtain). Colonial America was slowly but surely becoming a democracy.

Colonial Folkways
14. What were the advantages and disadvantages of living in America during the colonial period?
Advantages: food was plentiful; fun activities like winter sports (in the North), card playing, horse racing, cockfighting, fox hunting, and dancing; lotteries were approved; Holidays were celebrated

Disadvantages: churches were not heated; no running water in houses, no plumbing, no bathtubs; garbage disposal was “primitive”; buzzards were pesky; homes were barely heated; candles and oil lamps were the only light sources anyone really had (and they were poor in providing much light)

Colonial America: Communities of Conflict or Consensus?
Know: Nash's Urban Crucible Theory
15. Were the colonies marked more by internal consensus or internal conflict? Explain.
I believe they were marked more by internal consensus. They were beginning to grow within each other, accept
DIFFERENT ideas, and become a democratic people. Sure, America didn’t match foreign expectations of

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