Apush Chapter 3 Notes Essay

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A. Early American Settlers
• Came from the British Isles
• Puritans who settled in Massachusetts
• Wealthy Royalist cavaliers and their indentured servants migrated to Virginia
• Quakers migrated to the Delaware Valley colonies of West Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware
B. British folkways brought to the New World
• People in the South prefer fried foods- same as southern and western England
• People in the hollows of Appalachia who manufactured “moonshine” are doing the same as their ancestors did in the borderlands of northern Britain
C. Seaboard ecology
1. Indian modifications o Indians burned forests and dense undergrowth in order to provide cropland o “Slash-and-burn” describes the migratory
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c) Characteristics of West African Culture o African societies were often matrilineal o Women held the power o Tribes organized hierarchically o Slaves IN Africa did have certain rights (service not permanent) o Agricultural people o Pantheistic (believed spirits lived in trees, rocks & streams)
d) Enslavement and the Middle Passage o When captured by slave traders they were herded together, branded by company trademark and put on slave ships o “Saltwater slaves” rebelled, resisting work orders, sabotaging crops & tools, or running away to the frontier
e) Geographical distribution of colonial slavery o Slaves went to places where they specialized (those who could manage fishing were along the coast, those who knew how to farm were in the south, etc)
f) New York City slave revolt of 1741 o Conspiracy by slaves and poor British folk to revolt ands set fire to New York City
g) Emergence of an African American culture o Influences in folklore, music and religious practices o Used these influences as coded messages & ways of distraction
h) Varieties of slave labor o Could

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