Essay on Apush American Pageant Chapter 1 -2

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1.Early American civilization - Incas in Peru, Mayans in Central America, and Aztecs in Mexico shapped sophisticated civilizations. Cultivation of Maize fed large pops. Didn't have oxen, horses, tech. (wheel). Strikingly accuate astronomical observations. Human sacrifices.
2. Cultivation of Maize - Maize, beans and squash were the "three-sister" farming, with beans growing on the trellis of cornstalks, and squash covering the planting mounds to retain moisture in the soil. Produced high populations, like - Creek, Choctaw, Cherokee.
3. Iroquois - Northeastern woodlands, inspired by Hiawatha created closes approximation of nation-states of Peru, Mexico. Iroquois Confederacy developed the political, organization skills to sustain a
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13. North American Lands in 1600 -
Was largely unexplorered and three european powers planted three primitive outposts. Spanish - Santa Fe, French - Quebec, and English - Jamestown, VA.
14. England's Imperial Stirrings - After Kind Henry 8th split up with church and formed the Anglican Church. Started the protestant reformation. After
Protestant Elizabeth stepped to the throne, protestants became dominant, and rivalries between catholics occured. Example would be Catholic Irish, who sought help from Spain to do something about this, in return Elizabeth forcefully turned down that revolt.
15. Elizabeth Energizes England - Seeing their queen, people were encouraged to promote protestanism and plunder by seizing Spanish ships. The most famous of these "sea dogs" was Francis Drake who plundered his way around and obtained a lot of spanish booty, who he gave to his investors (Queen Elizabeth - she be really sneaky).
16. Englands first colonization - Sir Humphrey Gilbert tried to colonize in Newfoundland, but that all died when he died at see. After that his half-brother
Sir Walter Raleigh organized an expedition that landed at North Carolinas Roanoke Island, but that colony also mysterioiously vanished. These failures really embarrased the English, especially when Spain was doing so wealthy.
17. Spain vs. England - Using the wealth acquired from colonized lands, Phillip 2 of spain organized and

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