Appropriation in Art Essay

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Throughout history, the issue of appropriation in art has become a heated debate on whether it is good or whether it is bad. Appropriation is fundamentally the act of taking something from somewhere else and placing it into a new context. In art, appropriation is seen as using (or taking) someone else's artwork, manipulating it and ultimately changing the whole meaning behind the work. It is seen as a significant issue as many people (including art critics, art historians and art enthusiasts) see appropriation as whilst, others see it as being inappropriate and immoral, and see the growth in appropriation as being a destroyer of art. It is of the opinion that art indeed "feeds off itself" and every artwork, art movement, and art period is …show more content…
Though his works are similar to Manets', they are also very different; his version of "Olympia" has much more detail, is brighter, and more modernized than the original. This then supports the idea that appropriation is indeed not a form of stealing and vandalism, but a form of expressing your understanding of certain things. The belief that art "feeds off itself" is a question that supports appropriation. Andy Warhol (Pop Artist) appropriated Campbell's Soupcans a number of times to create a number of works. His most famous one being "Campbell's Soup, 1965". A few years later, Maria Kozic (Australian Artist) used Warhol's work to create her own. She shattered the "Campbell's Soup" imaged to create her own work which she called "Masterpieces (Warhol), 1986". As seen, this is a great example of how one idea can reproduced throughout history and has a new meaning everytime it is created. In conclusion, as shown through numerous deliberations and discussions, it is seen that the topic of appropriation in the world of art is a very significant and important issue. It is a very significant issue as it has both positive and negative perspectives. It can be seen as another form or movement of art, like cubism or expressionism, or it can be seen as a form of stealing and vandalism. Due to this, appropriation in visual art is a very significant issue. Through the many artists who have used other artists' famous works to emulate their view (like Duchamp's debatable

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