Appropriate Expectations Case Study Essay

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Appropriate Expectations Case Study
Cynthia Campbell
Intro to Early Childhood Behavior Management
Instructor: Amy Johnson
Ashford University
August 11, 2014

It seems that there are more and more students in classrooms today that are becoming easily distracted, Ron appears to be one of many students facing this challenge. In order to help and prepare Ron for success in the classroom, Ms. Bosco will need to identify and describe appropriate classroom behavior, critically analyze his behavior as well as implement strategies. One strategy that Ms. Bosco has decided to implement is to increase his sense of community by having him sit with his peers and having all students learn each other’s names (The IRIS Center for Training
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In Ron's case, with finding out his background, it may have been easier for Ron, Ms Bosco, his parents, and fellow students if Ron's parents had registered him one day and then have him to return to school the following day. With Ron's situation he did not know what was expected of him in Ms Bosco's classroom, and with his behavioral issues it would have also been beneficial to Ms Bosco to be more prepared to handle his disruptions, they may not have occurred at all or on a smaller scale if she had known about the behaviors at the prior schools. In today's classrooms it is necessary to have the expectations or rules if you will established, without them there would be nothing but chaos within the classroom. One classroom behavior that is necessary is to make sure that all children respect one another and each other's property. Following in line with this is making sure that the children respect themselves. If I child respects themselves and their own property they are less likely to destroy another child's property and they would not being willing to treat another child the way that they would not want to be treated. Making sure that the children understand that their are classroom rules that must be followed will help them to better understand what you expect out of them and if they do not follow the classroom rules there will be consequences to pay. Such as if, a child continues

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