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This document outlines the approach to be followed to take up a private cloud initiative.
Cloud Computing is the latest IT trend which is so promising for both IT & business results. With a lot of hype cycle predicted for next few years and all vendors embracing cloud concepts at their possible levels, customers are tempted to try & embrace cloud for their benefits. However, a few questions bother the customers like:
• Is it just another buzzword or a real game changer?
• Is it safe enough?
• Does it give results to me, to my specific setup, for my workloads?
• Is it proven & trusted enough?
• How effectively does it build on top of the applications,
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There is no single cloud computing offering that everyone can buy themselves buy like from a soda vending machine. At this point, at least until all vendors in the world are going to sit together and evolve universally binding standards, you need to have a 7 step mechanism that is (i) customized for you (ii) each selection made carefully for your specific needs & workloads.
Step I. Right starting point
• Observe at what level in the organization the cloud initiative is commissioned.
• If this is a part-time project by a junior manager in one datacenter, expects results accordingly.
• If the cloud is treated as part of another major initiative, or a program, or commissioned at a business unit level, understand that it the cloud will still be limited, or shaped in the boundaries enforced.
• Many successful private cloud initiatives (even their PoCs) are commissioned by the organization’s CIO directly under supervision by a special task force.
• If the organization is a business conglomerate with many group companies and shared services among group entities, the cloud initiatives taken up by the group CIO (and not any unit’s CIO) will give more results.
For the CIO equivalent

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