Appreciation, Self Love, And A Singing Heart Essay

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Appreciation, Self-Love, and a Singing Heart

Buddha said, “True love is born from understanding”
Cultivating love for ourselves requires understanding and appreciation of what makes us tick..
Exploring what you truly like, love and enjoy grows your appreciation. I’m going to repeat this part: what YOU like, love and enjoy. It’s absolutely powerful and loving to ask yourself, “What makes my heart sing?” Can you imagine asking yourself this each and every day? Now imagine asking what makes your heart sing many times throughout each day.
I’m always amazed at the wisdom of my clients’ hearts. You may worry that if you followed your heart you wouldn’t do anything productive, make money or finish any sort of study. What I’ve noticed first is that clients are SO relieved to be asked what makes their heart sing. Relief is one of Spirit’s indicators. It’s the turning point emotion. Seriously, relief always feels pleasant, like taking off a pair of high heels after a long evening. Relief points us in the direction of better and better feeling emotions like hope and excitement, which is a great jumping-off place for being productive, making money, and finishing any sort of project.
Secondly, I notice that finding out what makes someone’s heart sing pushes all of their ‘shoulds’ to the surface for examination. One of my model mentoring clients, Jo (22 years old), signed a contract with a prestigious modeling agency in New York City. This was after a fashion photographer had…

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