Applying Performance Enhancing Drugs For Competitive Racing Animals Such As Racehorses Or Greyhounds

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Applying performance enhancing drugs to competitive racing animals such as racehorses or greyhounds, can be a huge temptation for trainers whether legal or illegal. Trainers have always looked for an advantage against their competitors, therefore they will do whatever it takes to be the best and even win. Handlers, veterinarians, and jockeys are also involved in this scheme. (The Horseracing Industry, 2015) A various number of these drugs is to mask pain from injured horses or to increase the speed and strength of these animals. (The Horseracing Industry, 2015) Whilst the stress and pressure of the particular trainer that is present for their urge to win, these drugs is actually harming, even killing these animals on and off the racetracks.

Thousands of racehorses are bred each year and astonishingly only 5% to 10% are raced. Others that have been tested for speed and unfortunately have not made the cut are “disposed of”(Horse Racing, 2015). It was seen that since the birth of 40-50 foals from mares skyrocketed to140-150 foals, this led to the problem of ‘Unwanted horse numbers’. (Raia, P, 2011) Breeders soon realized that also there was a higher chance of discovering a performance worthy racehorse, there was also the others that were too extensive to care for. Animals sanctuaries and rescue centers found the increase of horses in their support. (Raia, P, 2011) An estimate of 100,000 of these joined the unwanted ranks, others placed in plants for horse meat…

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