Essay on Applying Leadership Thoeries

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Every organization has a leader who manages the institution with the end task of accomplishing the desired goals. The success of an organization depends on dynamic and effective leadership. Leadership, is influencing people to follow in the achievement of a common goal (Koontz and O’Donnell, 1959). Educational organization has been going through tremendous changes, reform and restructuring. With these changes, Leadership styles and management techniques have undergone changes to keep up with the needs of the global society (Razik and Swanson, 2010). It is still debated on which Leadership styles or theory is the
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Our leader is a data –driven person and when he joined our school site, our school was a failing school. He designed his own strategies, evaluation techniques and communication methodologies to achieve the goal which was the performing plus label for our school. Our school has been continuously performing plus for the last few years .This achievement could be observed as the result of our Principal’s way of looking at and dealing with the situation by targeting a goal and working towards it. His tactics thus could be found closely related to this theory as all the other activities were centered around to attain a set outcome.
Contingency Model of Leadership According to this approach, Contextual factors influencing leadership processes, such as characteristics of environment, subordinates & tasks (House 1971), task structure, leader-member relations & leader’s position power to evaluate subordinates’ performance (Fiedler 1964), amount of relevant information possessed, importance of decision, subordinates’ acceptability of decision (Vroom & Yetton 1973), subordinate maturity (Hersey & Blanchard 1977) are considered by the leader in managing the organization.
At our school site, our principal gives at most importance to environmental structure, involving teachers and other stakeholders in decision making and goal setting. Once the structure is established, continuous feedback is provided

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