Applying For The Sociology Of Religion Program Essay example

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I am writing to apply for the sociology of religion program in your _________ institution. I believe my dual citizenship in United State of America and Hong Kong gave me advantages among other candidates and can help me with my studies. Growing up in Hong Kong gave me distinguishable vision from UK and HK. With Hong Kong been colonized by United Kingdom before, our culture was greatly affected by theirs, you can find some similarities among these two cultures. Studying in USA broadened my perspective with its vast diversity in people and religion. I came from a multi-cultural society and am detail oriented, and am fluent in three languages (English, Cantonese, and Mandarin). I 've developed my ability to tolerant pressures while producing high-quality works was developed at early stage of my life because of the high pace and demanding feature in Hong Kong. I am also a very delightful person and work well with people from many different backgrounds. My interest in sociology of religion was first sparked while observing the differences in people 's behavior. When I was in Hong Kong, I 've heard so many scandals regarding religions. I 've heard many monks participating in events that violate their beliefs, like monks were seen in prostitution facilities. When I came to America, I 've witnessed the changes in Christianity, their accepting attitudes toward what they against years before. And I 've seen self-claimed followers acted differently in different places. I really think…

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