Applying Ethical Theories Of Gender Equality Essay

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Applying Ethical Theories to Gender Equality
Gender Equality has been a major topic of debate for a long time now. For as long as I can remember, men have dominated the roles of many important roles such as Presidents of the United States to CEOs of large corporations with the power to make very important decisions. Often times until quite recently, females have been identified as being overly sensitive, submissive, and lesser than their male counterparts on many regards. Our culture has been working on changing these views and we have been able witness much more gender equality in recent times. Although the overall objective is to apply ethical theories to the challenges of gender equality to contribute to further understandings, the three ethical theories take different approaches to humanity.
Gender inequality is always wrong and gender equality is always right because when the two genders are viewed as not being equal this could hurt the gender that is viewed as the inferior of the two. For instance, when women are viewed as less than an equal to men, some women can be thought of as a possession to a man as in being his property. It is always wrong to treat any person as a thing or as a means to an end (Mosser, 2013).
Deontological ethics applies to gender equality because every individual has an obligation to view and treat everyone equally regardless of any consequences. The theory of deontological ethics is that decisions should be made entirely by…

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