Applying Ethical Framework in Practice Essays

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Applying Ethical Framework in Practice

Grand Canyon University: NRS – 437V
June 14, 2015

Ethics and Nursing Practice This paper will address the use of the Uustal’s decision making models in regards to analyzing a specific scenario that has precipitated an ethical dilemma in regards to providing medical care. The scenario consist of a 6-year-old who has developed a high fever accompanied by violent vomiting and convulsions while at school. The hospital physician makes a diagnosis of meningitis and requested to begin treatment. The child’s parents are divorced with the mother, who is not the biological parent retaining custody. The mother is a Christian Scientist and is refusing medical treatment due to religious reasons.
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In this scenario the mothers is relating her belief in the Christian Science religion as a reason not to treat the child for meningitis. The Christian Science religion believes that prayer will heal physical and mental illness. They do not go to doctors or believe in the use of medicine. Although this is the general belief of the Christian Science, a spokesman for the religion, Gary Jones states “That if a form of treatment is not working, parents have an obligation to investigate other alternatives.” This has been interpreted to mean the use of medical treatment for children (Robinson, 2010). Due to the diagnosis and the seriousness of Bacterial meningitis it is important that it be treated with an appropriate antibiotic as soon as possible. If left untreated it can cause hearing loss, learning disabilities, brain damage, or death. The use of early appropriate treatment of the disease is started it can help reduce the chance of death to less than 15 % (Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 2014). The ethical dilemma being how to best provide for the safety of the child while remaining respectful to the mother’s religious beliefs.
Uustal’s Decision Making Model
The use of Uustal’s 9 step decision making model can help to determine what an appropriate ethical decision would be in regards to this dilemma presented. Utilizing the tool will allow for

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