Applying Digital Textbooks Into Our School System Essay

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Digital Textbooks
In an ever changing world, it has become necessary for people of all ages to familiarize themselves with technology. It can feel, at times, as though there is no escaping technology, and life cannot function without it. Yet with the ready access to this technology, schools continue to utilize outdated printed textbooks to teach students.I believe that in order for a student to be successful in their jobs and careers they need to be familiarized with using technology to learn and grow. But, at the same time there are some major disadvantages to using technology that should be considered very carefully before fully implementing digital textbooks into our school system. Such examples are Digital Distraction, Health Concerns, and extra Expenses.
One of the major concerns with using digital technology is the effect long-term use may have on a student 's health. Health is an important aspect to our lives and success; without good health an individual is not able to achieve their full potential at work,school,or with their families and friends. Let us examine personal health risks a little closer.
It has become widely known that being on your phone, tablet, or computer right before bed can negatively affect your sleep cycle and the quality of sleep, but what other physical and mental aspects are being negatively affected by the use of digital technology?
Several students commented on health concerns concerning the use of digital textbooks. Eye strain and…

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