Applying Developmental Concepts From A Developmental Perspective

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Applying Developmental Approaches to Adolescence
The aim of this literature is to examine developmental concepts or theories, and applying such concepts from a developmental perspective in the fashion of a case study. As the developmental trajectory of an individual, may yield answers and insights to current problems or concerns. In a counseling or school setting for example, having such detailed description of the client may assist the counselor’s ability to relate to the client, as well, as appropriately addressing concerns relative to the client’s respective age, and cognitive and emotional development. The participant is referred to as A.L, and he agreed to the interview about his life experiences, as well as milestones pertinent to his development as a teenager. A.L was interviewed on four separate occasions (within 1 month), and follow up questions were sometimes employed to ambiguous responses to ensure the interviewer maintained an accurate narrative. Family input was also used to help correspond developmental aspects. A.L’s comes from a family that falls in the bottom middle working class family, and his parents have little to no education, although his parents place emphasis on education at home. Upon the final interview, A.L had recently turned (18 years old) and is currently enrolled in college (CUNY). In consideration of A.L’s age, the Myers brings inventory was used to assess A.L’s career aptitude, as it’s sometimes employed by high school counselors.…

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