Applying Critical Thinking Essay

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Applying Critical Thinking
Critical thinking is an important way of thinking in a business setting. This type of thinking involves decision-making and thinking of all elements of a specific decision. When all of the elements of the decision are explored, and different alternatives are presented, the individual or group involved in the decision the best possible alternative is chosen (Natale & Ricci, 2006). The health insurance field uses critical thinking in all aspects of business decisions. Critical thinking includes understanding the concept of using critical thought and knowing the direction that thought is going to take the group or individual (Natale & Ricci, 2006).
Thinking happens every second of every day, the best type of
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Each Blue Cross Blue Shield plan has rules and regulations enforced by the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA). When BCBSA communicates a new or updated operational process and how to handle the process between Blue plans, processes must be created or updated. BCBSA can revoke any blue plans name (license to use the Blue Cross Blue Shield name and brand) if guidelines and procedures are not followed according to the Inter-Plan Processing manual.
Recently the BCBSA implemented a new process in accepting provider disputes and/or appeals on the Home side of the Blue Card department. The Home department used critical thinking when implementing the new operational process that must be followed. The first part of finding an operational process that will work with BSC systems and other processes for the new regulated process is to find the problem with the current process to ensure the new process was implemented by the next shared operational update release date.
Defining the criteria needing to be met by the association’s guidelines and coming up with goals and objectives for the operating system and current processes allow the team to discuss and evaluate the issues that may arise and alternate solutions. The team evaluates all aspects of the different alternatives and measures the impacts that these changes will have on other processes that would be

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