Essay on Apply Principles Of Ohs Risk Management

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Apply principles of OHS Risk Management

Shashi Bhushan


An effective OHS risk management process is an integral part of a healthy Occupational Health and Safety Management System. This procedure describes the steps that are to be taken to ensure so far as is reasonably practicable that health and safety hazard’s are identified in places of work and controls implemented to eliminate or mitigate the risk to persons as far as is practicable.

Identify hazards

A. Chemical Hazard
Hazardous chemicals in the workplace are substances, mixtures and articles used in the workplace that can be classified according to their state of health and the physical and chemical hazards. Health hazards are hazards such as skin irritants, carcinogens or respiratory allergens that have a negative effect on the health of a worker as a result of direct contact or exposure to the chemical, the usually by inhalation, skin contact or ingestion. Safety Hazards generally result in physical or chemical properties, such as flammable, corrosive substances, oxidising or explosive.
Classification of chemical hazards:-
Chemicals can be classified as "basic principles", which means using the raw test data for the chemical industry and the application of criteria. There are four basic steps to the classification of a substance, mixture or article in this way:
1. Collect all available information,
2. Assess the relevance and reliability of the information,

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