Applied Skills for Human Services Essay

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HN205 - Applied Skills for Human Services

Kaplan University
Final Project
Unit 9 Case Study – Phil & John
Ashley White

The Human Service profession is a very demanding field but at the same time it can be exceptionally rewarding to the individuals working in this area. Successful human service professionals possess the following traits and/or characteristics; strong interpersonal and communication skills; the ability to relate to the consumer without allowing their own personal experiences to reduce the ability to be effective; being able to efficiently identify and provide services needed; the capability to set up proper boundaries. Regardless of which area the professional works in all human service professionals share some
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They both have underlying issues stemming from personal issues with their families that need to be addressed in order for them to move forward. In addition I think they could both benefit from individual counseling and group counseling. I feel anger management and substance abuse counseling would also be beneficial to both of the clients. Phil and John have different individual needs to be met and it is my job to integrate working on the issues they have as a couple. The services I cannot provide for John and Phil can be referred out to other agencies that specialize in each individual area of expertise. “Human service professionals function in many ways and carry out many roles. They enter into professional-client relationships with individuals, families, groups and communities who are all referred to as "clients" in these standards. Among their roles are caregiver, case manager, broker, teacher/educator, behavior changer, consultant, outreach professional, mobilizer, advocate, community planner, community change organizer, evaluator and administrator.” (NOHS).
Following ethical and legal guidelines of the human service profession is very important. “Ethics is the branch of philosophy that focuses on moral principles and codes of conduct. Ethical issues concern right and wrong. Because interpersonal communication is irreversible and affects others, it always has ethical implications.” (Wood. 2010). With Phil being on parole there are additional

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