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APPLIED RESEARCH PROJECT MISCELLANEOUS: * Computer Ethics * Virtual Reality * Multimedia * Telecommuting * Data Security * International Issues * Computer Based-learning
After reviewing several options for my discussion, I decided that exploring a publishing company, Design Space Media Group, LLC would be an excellent and diversified approach to the many miscellaneous aspects present within an organization. Design Space Media Group began publishing 7 years ago as a Chicago based Architectural Publication, and shortly after, expanded to several countries around the world. As the company cultivated its publications into several multimedia developments, Tranzit Magazine, a lifestyles
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Company policy categorized ethical decisions related to computer technology and usage into these primary areas; the individual’s personal code, code of ethical behavior in the work place, and moral responsibility. Other areas the organization focuses heavily on are: situations regarding the copyright infringement of software, piracy, and design originality of products and copyrights. Members are expected to exercise their own judgment (which should be made in such a way as to be reasonably justified) to meet the requirements of the computer ethics code and seek advice if in doubt. Any breach of the Code of Conduct brought to the attention of Design Space Media, or of which Design Space Media becomes aware, will be considered under the company’s disciplinary procedures.
Design Space Media Group LLC has used computer to reach and interact with their readers. They have used computer ethics to more finely target their marketing campaigns. This allows them to know what the readers are saying and what they’ll like different. They also post different surveys on their website for their readers. They are able analyze large pools of data from multiple sources to rapidly identify buying patterns of customers and suggest individual responses. This has generated some profit for the company as a whole. They are able to eliminate the unlike of their consumers. Also they use computer to communicate within their company. This has allowed for

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