Applied Legal Concepts in Healthcare Law Essay

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Applied Legal Concepts in Healthcare Law

Brewster v. University Hospital This paragraph will include a summary from the case which was obtained from the Healthcare Law Writing Assignment. In December 31, 1987 the Brewster’s had a daughter Emma that was born a week premature. Emma was transported to Children’s Hospital Medical Center the next day when she began showing signs of respiratory distress. She was treated by Dr. Craig Jackson, a neonatologist employed by the University of Washington. Emma suffered from hyperbilirubinemia, or jaundice, caused by elevated levels of bilirubin, a substance that is released into the bloodstream. Jaundice is not uncommon among infants as approximately a third or more of all newborns at the
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A patient or authorized representative cannot make an informed health decision if they are not made aware of the risks or benefits of treatment options. A patient or in this case the parent’s want to trust their physician and rely on him to provide all pertinent information pertaining to the treatment. A physician has an obligation to explain the diagnosis and the risk associated with that diagnosis, as well, as alternative treatment options. Dr. Martin did not meet the standard of care. In my opinion, Dr. Martin was negligent in his care and chose the most common method of treatment without informing of the alternatives. The negligence in this case caused irreparable damage to Emma.
Informed Consent As a health professional it is very important to have an understanding of all the elements of informed consent. It is important to know who is fully responsible for the informed consent process. The Healthcare Institution has a role in informed consent as well as the physician, what are those roles and responsibilities? How far must a physician go in the informed consent discussion to ensure that the patient understands the terms of the proposed treatment? (Showalter, p. 369) There are many aspects to consider. The writer of this paper will briefly discuss the aspects that are important as well as the role between the Healthcare Institution and physician. The

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