Applied Business Research and Statistics Essay

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a) A company is interested in providing a new benefit to its employees to encourage them to utilize public transportation. To study the potential of providing this benefit, the company would like to do a survey of the workers at a company to gather information on why do or do not use public transportation for commuting to work. The company is about 25,000 people in areas where public transportation is available. You also want to find out the reasons why their choice is what it is.
In this case self-administered questionnaire would be most appropriate because there is 25,000 people to be surveyed and could be administered to the workers through work email or online. The advantage of self-administered questionnaire in this case is that
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A political science cTlass would like to conduct a poll of students on their preferences.
In this case self –administered questionnaire would be the best option, because it would be easy to administer and fast in gathering data and would provide anonymity. If it would be possible the best option would be to do the group-administered questionnaire (students in classrooms), because that is inexpensive, fast and it will ensure high response rate. In this case someone is needed to distribute and collect the questionnaire and also someone is present while participants are completing questionnaire. And that allows that administrator can give verbal instructions if needed how to answer questions.
c) A training company for food store employees has developed a new course regarding warehouse management and stocking procedures. There are 135 potential grocery store companies who could be possible candidates for this training course. The training company would like to survey the grocery store companies which are scattered all over the US on their personnel management policies for warehouse personnel to determine if the training could be offered to that company.
In this case telephone survey would be best option because people selected to be part of the sample are interviewed on the telephone by a trained interviewer and it will have lower cost than personal interview would. This method would allow expanded geographic coverage without being too expensive. Phone survey

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