Applied Behavior Analysis Final Written Report Essay

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Applied Behavior Analysis Final Written Report Off-task behavior is a common concern in classroom. Multiple researches have studied different methods to decrease off-task behaviors. For example, the teachers’ greetings may have be successful antecedent attention; teacher greeting decreased three middle school student’s need to receive attention from the teacher by being off-task. Additionally, the Keep Busy and Carry On (KBCO), a computer-assisted intervention aimed at decreasing transition times, intervention appeared to increase on-task behavior and decrease transition times between centers. This intervention may have been successful because it rewarded students for their on-task behavior and provided them with prompts to stay on-task. Additionally, because the intervention decreased transition times, the students had more of an opportunity to be on-task (Allday & Pakurar, 2007). (Hine, Ardoin, & Foster, 2015).
Previous research has suggested that using positive reinforcement is more effective than using a response cost method, a negative punishment procedure. However, a study conducted with preschoolers suggests that response cost methods to increase on-task behavior may be effective and preferred by students (Hirst, Dozier, & Payne, 2016). Research on a 2nd grader suggests that general education teachers can use choice procedures as a classroom management technique to increase on-task behavior. The teacher provided the student with three choices of language arts…

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