Essay on Applications And Perspectives For Christians

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Applications and perspectives for Christians
This week study is coming from Jensen’s Survey of the New Testament. Authored by, Irving L. Jensen. The author has challenged me in his own way to study the Life of Christ through the writing of Matthew and Mark. He has also given several points in how to study the bible.
Reading chapters 4 through 6 the author expounds on the events of Christ from the books of Matthew and Mark. In Matthew, Jensen tells of the preparation years that Jesus went through before he began his public ministry. Matthew begins his presentation with the promised King. The first thirty years that he went through was preparation for ministry, Jesus was not very popular. I look at this time as a Christian and realize that there are obscure times in our lives, where we need to be prepped for ministry also. Jesus did not rush into his ministry, but he grew up in preparation. I realize that it takes praying, fasting, and studying the word of God in order to be prepared for ministry. “The Kingdom of God” was the central message of Jesus. Matthew not only presents Christ as the promised king, but also as the promised Savior. Jesus continued to minister, even under intense fire of hatred and jealousy, (Jensen’s 110).As a willing sacrifice, Jesus is shown to be absolutely committed to the redemptive work He was called to do, and obeyed the call. As Christians we are called but we refuse to obey. I believe that we are hindering so many people from growth when we…

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