Application Usage Of The 28 Games Essay

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5.1.2 Application usage

The 28 players completed a total of 84 games during the 30 days. Game distribution was even, having basically the same number of games for each game type. According to the collected data, 1,000 and 2,000 steps challenges were preferred over longer step goal distances (see Table 5-2), suggesting that shorter and faster games were more appealing to players.

Table 5-3 shows the distribution of players per game for each game type, or the data of invited players and invitations accepted. From the 86 games created during the field test, only 2 did not reach the minimum of players to start the game; 97.7% of the games were played (at least 2 players were needed to start a game). On average, having 2 players was common for “Hot Potato” games and 3 players was the standard for “Capture the Crown” games, while the invitation rate average was 4 players in both games.

Table 5-4 shows the distribution in games started by gender. The tested games were focused on a competitive aspect, and given that men are more competitive than women, according to (Niederle & Vesterlund, 2011), this can be a good explanation of this wide difference. This is not conclusive data, but men showed higher interest in playing and/or starting games, on average, than women did.

Table 5-5 shows the percentage of games created by gender. Although only four females participated in the field test, data shows that 50% of them created or started a game, while 67% of males started a game.…

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