Application System For New Technology File System Essay

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NTFS is a file system that is used to store and access the data in the hard disk on the Windows Operating System. NTFS stands for New Technology file system. It is the newer version than FAT file system. NTFS organizes the files in a directory. In NTFS there is no table like there is in Fat and HFS. NTFS file system supports only for the windows operating system. NTFS was introduced along with the new Windows NT OS. NTFS support file size up to 16 TB. It is customizable file system.


NTFS file system is popular file system used in most of the windows operating system. It stores the data file into a directories and the directories are hold in a master file table. It helps in the perfect management of the files. The NTFS file system consist of boot sector and Master File Table in the hard disk. Master File table contain all the information about the file like file name, size and log. MFT is a file itself in NTFS.

• NTFS holds lot of files that FAT cannot hold.
• NTFS is better for security.
• NTFS offers reliability on the bad sectors of the drive. It decreases the chance of loss of the file from the drive.
• Files can be encrypted for single user.
• It can auto – repair the fault tolerance.
• Security can be given through locally and through network.
• File size can be compressed.

• It does not have a journaling feature so when the system crashes the blue screen comes and the open files may not be saved and lost.
• It…

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