Application Process For A Police Officer Essay

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The application process of working as a Police Officer, Correctional Officer and Probation Officer are different due to the fact that each plays an important role in the criminal justice branch. I will be discussing each of the positions and the hiring process of Los Angeles, and Riverside in California. The hiring process for a Police Officer in City Los Angeles as listed on the LAPD website is as follows: The youngest age, you can be to receive an interview is 20 1/2 years old. The applicant needs to have a high school diploma or a G.E.D, they must also have a two or four year college degree. The candidate needs to be a United States citizen. If the candidate is not a citizen, they must apply for citizenship in this country. Throughout the selection process non-citizens need to prove that immigrant services has accepted the application for citizenship before the written test is completed. To apply as a police officer in Los Angeles, the candidate does not have to be a resident of Los Angeles to work for this department. The background of the application process is the most important for trusting these individuals with the safety of citizens and fellow police officers. Individuals in the application process who have dishonorable or corrupt behavior will not be hired by the police department. (LAPD) Candidates will be completing an intensive background evaluation, which will include previous behavior, and choices you made that show positive characteristic of yourself. You…

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