Essay on Application Of The Term Intellectual Disabilities

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Before answering the question, it is best to give a clear definition of the term intellectual disabilities. The textbook defines intellectual disabilities referred to as “mental retardation”, as “A disability characterized by significant limitations in both intellectual functioning and adaptive behavior as expressed in conceptual, social, and practical adaptive skills; the disability originates before age 18.” (Heward p 132) The term mental retardation shifted to intellectual disabilities due to the fact that the terminology is more consistent and less offensive to people with disabilities. Some of the characteristics students with intellectual disability exhibit, as shown on page 4 of the handout, include difficulty remembering, slower to attend to tasks, have trouble using knowledge and skills, and exhibits an apparent lack of interest in learning or in problem solving tasks. Due to the differences in learning abilities, it is imperative that teachers are mindful as well as well-informed when it comes to planning instruction for children with this disability. The characteristics of students are extremely relevant when planning and delivering instruction. All students who are labeled with intellectual disabilities do not have the same abilities or interests. Teachers have to be able to differentiate in the event of developing activities or lesson plan. Planning and delivering instruction is crucial to the outcome of students learning. Therefore, teachers must design…

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