Essay on Application Of Scientific Principles For Business Management

1994 Words Dec 6th, 2016 8 Pages
As an aspiring Industrial Engineer one field that is of particular interest to me as an individual is Operations Research (OR). Operations Research is the application of scientific principles to business management, which provides a quantitative basis for complex decision-making. I’ll introduce why I chose this particular field and how a conversation on ethics is warranted through explanation of the extent of OR methodologies and the impact of the decisions made by these researchers. Think of OR as a highly technical consulting niche, which deals with discovering optimal solutions using specific tools. Consultants in this field run into a variety of ethical issues. Constantly moving from project to project, each problem they encounter is unique and carries its own weight. What is dire in importance for one job may be inconsequential in another. In order to illustrate this I’ve handpicked several case studies that involved heavy ethical consideration. These case studies span nuclear waste, military strategy and water treatment. To complement this, I have also included first hand accounts of several operations researchers and their views on the ethical responsibilities that fall upon the field of OR.
For the sake of this conciseness of this document I will not discuss ethical guidelines published by engineering organizations. Instead I reflect on the ethical issues implicit in engineering models extrapolated from my personal research, both as a person and a prospective OR…

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