Essay on Application Of Remote Sensing Technology

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Using remote sensing technology is an effective way to observe and verify the wise and

sustainable use of natural resources. With its weather and daylight independency Synthetic

Aperture Radar (SAR) data emphasize as particularly suitable for large-scaled monitoring. But

the classification of SAR images is more difficult as of multi-spectral images. Because of the

microwave’s interaction with the object parameters on the earth surface, like roughness or the

complex dielectric constant (CDC), different types of land cover respond very similar. So

separability is not possible without additional information. For the investigated multi-channel

SAR scenes a typical example for this problem is the distinction between rice crops sown on 2

different dates and water surfaces. Through windy conditions the water surface becomes rough

and the backscatter increases clearly in comparison with a smooth one. In this report the

methodology and ability of texture analysis second order for land cover classification of SAR

images are described.


Hisar city is one of the important and fast growing urban centers of Haryana. It has grown to a

vital position on the urban map of Haryana. It has come up because of location factors. The

study area comprises over a well managed farm situated in part of Hisar district of Haryana

(Northern India) with moderate climate. It is classified under Agro climatic zone 6

(Transgangetic plain, Western Haryana)…

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