Essay on Application Of Psychological Theory And Research

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Application of Psychological Theory and Research to Understanding Depression
This case study concerns Tracy, a 25-year-old female indicated (by background information provided) to have come from a background of incompetent biological parents, foster homes, and a clear lack of stable, trusting relationships. It is also mentioned that Tracy has been referred for psychological help by concerned friends after suffering from an emotional breakdown coinciding with and possibly due to her sudden and unexpected breakup with her boyfriend Isaac.
Immediately evident in this case are several factors that could have been contributing to the development of Tracy’s depression as well as signs perhaps themselves indicative of depression. When taking Beck’s cognitive model into account, parallels can then be drawn between each stage of this model and the aforementioned aspects of Tracy’s case. Regarding early life experiences relevant to the situation, it can be noted that Tracy had grown up in a turbulent childhood environment which was characterised by frequent changes in caregivers. She had been separated from her incapable biological parents at the early age of two only to progress through several foster homes before finally leaving the system at 16 to live with Dylan (her boyfriend at that stage). This frequent reshuffling may most likely have meant that Tracy, while growing up, would have had very little time and much trouble forging any bonds of trust at all with any figure in her…

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