Application Of Post Secondary Education Essay

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Post-secondary education presents a number of benefits to both the individual plus the society, like higher pays, lower unemployment rates and reliance on the government, a wider tax base, and more civic involvement. Access to this education, however, is still a challenge for a lot of families. According to estimates, over a third of 1st-year learners take up remedial coursework in either Mathematics or English; in some institutions, it can range between 60 and 70% of learners (Bettinger, Boatman, & Long, 2013, p. 94). Most often, students who have taken up remedial/developmental courses are excluded from enrolling for college-level courses; owing to this, remediation has essentially become the entry (or barrier) to training at the post-secondary level. Although remedial courses are intended to provide scholastically underprepared learners with the requisite skills to be successful in college and the job market, placement in the courses does have significant implications for a learner’s prospects for higher education.
Unfortunately, studies show that programs for remediation do not effectively improve the outcomes of learners. When making a comparison between learners in and out of these courses, researchers have found limited positive impacts, although according to most of the research, no long-term impact – or even a deleterious impact – was found from placement in remedial courses. Though unanswered questions still exist regarding how the impacts vary with…

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