Application of Leadership Traits to Toyota and Nhsa Essay

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Running head: Assignment 1: Leadership Styles of NHTSA and Toyota Recalls

Leadership Styles of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Toyota Recalls
By Michele L. Ennis, MS February 2010

Abstract The purpose of this research is to apply theoretical approaches of leadership styles and skills to the recent events of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Toyota automobile recall. Following a thorough examination of the issues involved in both events, the application of Blake and Mouton (1964) theory to the leadership styles will be separately applied to the NHTSA and Toyota cases in order to
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It was not until NHTSA received an anonymous tip that there were cracks in the throttle body shaft which caused the SUA. It was pointed out that Toyota was aware of this problem but chose not to communicate it to the public. Unfortunately, it took NHTSA government officials traveling to Japan to confront the company’s leaders as to the safety issue before Toyota would take the action to stop the sales of selected models to repair the sticking accelerator pedal recall (, 2010). NHTSA Transportation Secretary, Ray LaHood, stated, “Toyota was slow to deal with safety problems with its gas pedals” (, 2010, p.1). Furthermore, a former NHTSA administrator remarked “Toyota has been reluctant and very sensitive… it does not seem like [the company likes to] recall vehicles and I think it did everything it could to delay this issue,” Each organization’s ability to uphold its mission appears to be in question by consumers (Staff, 2010, pp 1-2). If the leaders of both organizations knew a problem existed, they should have been more proactive and determined to a find true

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