Essay Application Of Hopskipdrive As A Service For Children

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Introduction Hopskipdrive is a service for children over than six years old. This service is driving to wherever they need when their families are busy. it was created by three professional mothers who understand the difficulty of getting the kids in busy times. A company considers that safety is important. they will arrange meeting you and driver, and you can set up your ride. You can check their profile and car information to ensure that your children are safe. They have their own Application. That way, you can download the App to check your schedule and track your children during your trip real time. Hopskipdrive application has two systems there are IOS and Android. It is a good option to help you and your children from some of the stress of busy schedules in your family’s (Hopskipdrive, 2016). Hopskipdrive asked 1,001 parents with kids ages 6-17 how they felt about transportation what they thought, so Hopskipdrive realize every family have a same problem and they ready to solve their problem. Social media are offering a lot today include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google, and peer-to-peer websites means that each machine has a different program or data files stored manually. This arrangement allows the use of applications or data files on any computer. Instead of using air services file (Kim & Ko, 2012). According to the statistics, 80% of executives think that social media is very important for the market and social media makes their…

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