Application Of Gained Knowledge On Psychology Essay

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Application of Gained Knowledge
Over the course of my college career, I have taken a variety of course covering three different degree paths. I started with general studies, and then moved to a business management degree, then in my junior year switched to psychology. I decided I wanted to do something I enjoyed rather than just work to make money. I wanted to enjoy what I did. Serving in the military and experiencing the stress of war and seeing the impact psychological issues have on service members and families, was the push I need to switch gears and do something I knew I would enjoy and be beneficial to others.
Introduction to Psychology
My first course Introduction to Psychology was a class I decided to take at the last minute just to fill my schedule. It was in that class that I discovered my passion for this field and I was pleasantly surprised at my interest in it. I expected it to be a dry overview of uninteresting topics, but it wasn’t. It introduced me to the basic concepts of psychology, the history behind psychology and introduced me to many of the more influential people and how they contributed to the development of the field. Those basic fundamentals were expanded upon when I took Advanced General Psychology. In this course I learned how to better understand the definition of psychology and gained a basic knowledge of how the sensory system, how different biochemicals can alter consciousness, how perception works, as well as process interpersonal…

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