Application Of Effective Leadership For A Medium Sized Corporation

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Students are requiring applying the conflict management theories and techniques at the interpersonal, team, and organizational levels throughout the downsizing of a medium-sized corporation. The application of effective leadership to make informed decisions; will be discussed. Positively influence, building and maintaining trust in relationships with all stakeholders is a major component for effective outcome Concepts for building effective teams collaboration while resizing the corporation and retaining a profitable budget presented.
Conflicts have one basic element in common: power. Power to challenge, power to resist, and power through cooperating together. In fact, virtually all conflicts directly or indirectly concern power. Conflict is often a means of seeking or maintaining the balance or imbalance of power in relationships (, 2015)
Conflict in organizations, then, can be addressed and understood at four levels or interfaces: (1) the individual with the organization, (2) individuals with one another, (3) organizational units with other units, and (4) inter organizational relationships. These interfaces are not discrete, but it is useful to our understanding to treat them as somewhat distinct(. Argosy University | The Handbook of Conflict Resolution : Chapter Thirty, page 782, 2015).

The potential external conflict among stakeholders in technological reporting
The potential external conflict…

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