Application of Concept Analysis to Clinical Practice Essay

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Application of Concept Analysis to Clinical Practice
The concept is a general idea that is derived from human perception of events in the environment. This is based on the belief that occurrences in a given context are necessary to a wholesome interpretation of a phenomenon ( McEwen, Willis, 2011, pg,.25).Applications of concept analysis to clinical practice has become accepted among practitioners as paradigms of practice.
Paradigms are an intellectual or theoretical view of a discipline based on universal beliefs and values shared by the practitioners. Paradigms are important in any discipline in that they help to answer questions and concerns of the discipline, shape practice, concept, and aid the formation of guidelines. Other
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Findings also showed a decrease in anxiety.
Another study on TT and caring method done by Samarel (1992) defined therapeutic touch and steps involved, the test utilized quantitative research method on 20 participants. The findings revealed facilitated personal growth based on a satisfying multidimensional experience that the patients were happy about. This shows a positive nursing intervention. Thayer (1990) obtained same result on a mother who applied TT on her child who had peritoneal dialysis .In this case; there was significant increase in urine output. Other investigations conducted showed similar results on different patient populations. Nurses were encouraged to add TT to nursing practice since it is an intervention that is of benefit to the patient. The theory of therapeutic touch was explained as the transfer of healer excess energy to the pain sufferer which brings about comfort. This resulted on pain reduction, increased hemoglobin levels, decreased anxiety state, a sense of joy and fulfillment and increased energy levels as well as improved immunological parameters seen on the subjects used for this study.
Five of the subjects who believed that TT will produce a positive outcome on headache pain before the application of therapeutic touch, were relieved of headache pain completely , were relaxed , happy and in a good mood. The other five groups believed TT will help to an extent

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