Application Of Building Information Modelling Essay

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In last twenty years ago, to make any inventory work and measurement for heritage buildings, a surveyor and his equipment “such as total station” with the traditional surveying techniqe, will be the first choose to accomplish the task. The surveyor work usually starting with the total station to capture the key points on the site and the façade of the building. Afterward, these key points will be used in CAD software back in the office, next the surveyors will draw up the plans and elevations of the site or the building in 2D. On the other hand, the generated data via this method always is not that much accurate, slow, lot of errors, and Lacks on the details. Moreover, it is also hard to visualise 2D plans in 3D (eBIM, 2015). Even though, these traditional surveying right now does not result in an outcome that is ideal for the purpose of Building Information Modelling process because of the fact that the heritage use of non-parametric Computer-aided drafting “CAD” programs in order to generate plans for survey propose (Thomson and Boehm, 2015).
Furthermore, employing BIM into the historical filed has been introduced as a new method during the past few years, and which can be considered as the fundamental stage toward the BIM workflow for retrofit and reconstruction tasks (eBIM, 2015). This method has been used in a small numbers of projects worldwide such as in the researches of (Barazzetti, 2016; Chien et al., 2016; Dirix, 2015; Fai et al., 2011; Khodeir et al., 2016;…

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