Application Of Biological Processes For The Education Of Particle Position

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Of those who believe this is not a key issue, one, highlighted the real world application of biological processes as more of a key area that should be focused upon, however this needs to be taken with the fact that bias may exist because teachers may put more of an emphasis on their subject specialism within the 3 sciences. This further removed this small scale research from any real world application, to combat this a larger survey should be conducted using a distribution method that creates a large pool of responders. By doing this the overall response would be more representative of UK secondary education on a whole.
So while this research provides an insight into the usage of animations in the education of particle position during state changes and an insight into what science teachers hold as important student misconceptions, the data produced cannot be taken to represent a larger population
Other research
The topic of misconceptions related to the position of particles before an after a physics change has been an area of common research with (Kind, 2004) highlighting the identification of issues with the understanding of the science behind changes of state in various studies of children ranging from 6 to 17 years, within her report she highlights a few of the misconceptions found relating to these subjects and how the misconception around a subject develops as students age and develop a better understanding of scientific processes. A similar paper to the main…

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