Application Of An Independent Learner Essay

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In reflecting upon the article ‘Direct Entrance in Transition: becoming an independent learner 2013’, it is evident that there is a direct link between becoming an independent learner and succeeding at university. The purpose of this article was to analyze the transition of twenty students in Scotland making transitioning from college to university.

The challenge for direct entrant students is adjusting to the different learning environment at university level, where students are required to function considerably more independently than they are used to at college. A critical factor of success is the ability to be flexible in adapting to new learning environments and adopting the attributes of an independent learner. Other characteristics of success are students’ concepts of assessment and time management. Not only understanding the contents and required format prove challenging for students, but also managing their time effectively to allow for sufficient preparation and timely submission of assessment items is vital for academic success.

For this study data was collected by gathering qualitative figures from the students experiences and expectations. The data provided displays that the main reasons for students failure or success could be put down to their time-management skills and their ability to be an independent learner. The students results can be gathered into three categories ; the students that had an easy transition into university, the students that found…

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