Essay on Application Of An Accounting System

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Do you want to start a new business? You have everything in order expect for your Accounting system for this particular business. As a Consultant I am here to provide you with my knowledge to help solve your business problems and achieve your goals. Not everyone knows and understand the accounting system so it is best to start off with the basic. Accounting is a system of reporting, analyzing and recording the financial transactions of a business. Within accounting you have an accounting information system which is sometimes referred to as AIS. AIS is the system of records a business keeps to maintain its accounting system. AIS collects and record transaction data and financial information. One of the reasons you have to have an accounting information system is that it’s the law. The IRS require you to have an accounting system that reflects and or matches the income of your particular business. Besides the law requiring you to have an accounting information system that matches your income is also helps you keep record of your revenue. It helps keep tract of the money that is coming in and out. Not having a record of your cash flow you may lose more money that is coming into your business. I know creating an accounting system maybe seem hard but once you start one it becomes fairly easy once you understand everything that goes into creating an accounting system.
When creating your AIS you can use an electronic data process to record your financial information. In order to…

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