Essay on Application Of A Single System Design

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Method In order to adequately answer the research question, information regarding data concerning attendance from previous years, as well as data regarding academics with kindergarten students from the years prior are needed. A list of the number of students retained in kindergarten will also be analyzed to further support the study. This study will be of benefit not only to the researcher, but also to the school and school system as a whole. The results of this study will provide for a more in-depth look into possible reasons as to why issues with attendance may be present and what can be done to address the issue. As this study will implement an incentive with students, it may also yield other possible ideas and solutions regarding how to get students to attend school regularly.
This project will utilize a single-system design to investigate whether providing incentives to come to school will result in an increase in the overall attendance level of kindergarten students. A single-system design is one in which there will be a collection of data and assessment of impact through continuously tracking an outcome (Corcoran & Secret, 2013, p. 97). This is done to assess whether clients are seeing any impact and if workers are helping them to reach their goals (Corcoran & Secret, 2013, p. 97). As described by Corcoran and Secret (2013), this type of design involves the social worker collecting data on the client system over a period of time (p. 97). In the context of…

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