Application Of A Project For Desktop, Tablet And Phone Development And Final Preparations

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This former section will take all Adobe Muse portfolio project for desktop, tablet and phone development and final preparations. With a top pole approach in development and targeting a Class C device makes development an easy start. The layout throughout each device has a consistent flow and feel. Past graphic design classes and experience show a nicely develop structure with individual stress tests for the mobile development.
Testing the functionality and design can be a critical point before millions of viewers see or potentially can access. Updating the content and portfolio content is crucial and adding the newest and latest mobile technologies. Using testing surveys to random students, co-workers, and friends can help test multiple platforms in a short period of time. Some sample questions included; did your mobile device load website quickly? Were you connected by Wi-Fi or hard wired. Did you see any spelling mistakes or errors? Did you test mobile application outside? The following testers answered a five question survey and in returned gave each tester a $5 bill. The testers included: Dennis Ledbetter, Colleen Johnson, Bill Wright, April Ledbetter and Joshua Stroud.
Each phase has been updated and testing to ensure the following: no errors, spelling correct, all links verified, design flow works, and then send to user group for final testing. With Colleen Johnson survey, noticed when testing application on her droid device indicated form submitted had a hang…

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