Application Of A Project Based Learning Essay

809 Words Oct 13th, 2016 4 Pages
In the completion of this project I am starting to gain more knowledge in implementing project based learning. Among the things I learned is that the project is implemented in the beginning of the unit and should dictate the flow of lesson and activities. It provides context or theme to deliver the different concepts essential for the unit. On the other hand, technology is used to reinforce the context in the form of simulation and modeling as the concepts are introduced and applied in the form of spreadsheet, research or product dissemination at the culmination of the project. I also learned that traditional teaching practices are as important as the newer innovative ways of teaching as both strengthen the delivery of the lessons. For example, my students maintain interactive notebooks to contain vocabulary words and practice solving problems. Additionally, I also set up their Office365 notebook online that contains videos of worked out examples and links to the different activities that are usually done in groups. Students especially those that have learning difficulties who need more time to practice the concepts done in class will still be able to access them individually at the confines of their homes. Having a plan gave structure to the new changes to the design.
As I evolve from implementing the project, there is a growing need to share these educational experiences with my professional learning community or PLC. The group should be aware of the new changes and be…

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