Application Of A Good Smartphone Essay

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10 - GoBank
+ No Overdraft Fees
+ A Good Smartphone GUI
+ Deposit Cash For Free They have a very easy-to-use mobile app that is clearly laid out and cleverly put together so that even technical-newbies are able to learn it easily. They have a very large ATM network of over 42,000 ATMs, which means you can usually avoid paying ATM fees by using their machines. You can set up direct deposits and you can deposit money into your account for free. You can deposit your checks using their app via their Photo Check deposit functions. Opening an account is very easy too.

Our Review

They would be far higher up the list if they were not so troublesome when it comes to their check-cashing tool. If they do not recognize the check, then they close your account because of suspicious activity. If something goes wrong, then you are going to suffer because their administrative skills are lacking. The negative side to this company is being highlighted here because other than there handling of problems and their customer service, they are offering a very good and free account. If you are a victim of fraud, then they are going to take a long time to help you and any situation where you have to deal with their customer service department is going to be a nightmare.

11 - HSBC Personal Choice Checking Account
+ An Amazing Online GUI
+ Free If You Have A Direct Deposit
+ Optional Overdraft Protection…

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