Application Of A Computer Administrator Essay

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As a computer administrator one must be aware of what the system requirements are for the operating system being used or installed on a system. Computer administrators that install operating systems on new or old hardware often will research what the manufacturer suggests for the operating system to work properly. The requirements for an operating system can be broken down into two categories hardware requirements and software requirements.
Hardware Requirements are the resources that are needed to support an operating system. Microsoft has a set of suggested requirements and minimum requirements available to view on their web page. Direct X version 9 is a requirement for Windows
7 and is an example of a software requirement as well as a hardware requirement. The video card must be compatible with
Direct X version 9 graphics software.
Video graphics, processing speed, random access memory, and available hard disk space are all required for an operating system to perform correctly. The Minimum requirements are those, in which it needs to run, install, update, and Upgrade. An
Install is where software is placed on a computer system in a manner that it operates as intended. Installs can be programs, driver software, or full operating systems. Updates are preformed to existing software or operating systems where features or stability is added to the software being updated. Updates can be service packs, bug fixes or other forms that improve or add to the software. Upgrades are…

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