Application Letter For The Bethel University Mba Program Essay

772 Words Jul 28th, 2015 4 Pages
Taking into account years in the workforce, I, Amber Kirtley, have realized that a bachelor’s degree remains commonplace, and the equivalent now to what a high school diploma used to be. My application to the Bethel University MBA program proposes that I remain challenged setting myself above my peers, living up to my potential, and being as constructive and productive in society as possible. Obtaining my MBA proves as an investment I remain ready to acquire, preceding my subsequent steps toward my doctorate.
I started college at the ripe age of sixteen, recognizing that my education and future were and still remains that imperative. Along the way, in my youth, I allowed myself to become sidetracked and fell sick with mono during my studies. When I fell sick, I did not identify what remained wrong and ended up in the hospital after battling the illness for a gainful portion of a semester. I did not notify the school or my teachers and at the time it neared the completion of the semester. I received a few failing grades and although I tried appealing the decision, the grades remained. I learned from my mistakes and spent the rest of my undergraduate studies trying to correct this slip in grade point average from my early collegiate years.
I have always had the goal of obtaining my doctorate. Even though I started my college studies at a young age, I put my education on hold to raise a family and obtain work experience. I had not discerned what I wanted to perform for a living…

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